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Marsha at the day of pickup from the breeder

Juni 21st, 2010
10 weeks old, 8kg weighty

Marsha is the addition to the family of my parents.

Sie is a ravishingly beautiful Samojed female from the
"certainly" bavarian (better 'francish') kennel Edeyomas
in Neustadt/Aisch.

Nevertheless I've already found my breed for myself,
the Leonberger, this really enchanting puppy captured
my heart directly and I'm excited how this little white
"polar bear" will keep on growing.
That's the reason why I will continue reporting about Marsha
at this website...

Marsha roughs up the household of my parents pretty much
and shows Ayleen and Jule (Leonberger- and Collie bitches)
the way the cookie crumbles.

I am sure we'll see Marsha at the one or other show in 2011...
Have fun and all possible success, dear parents, with this

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