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... in loving memory


* 25.12.2002  till  † 23.08.2010

My beloved Dagobert...

He has undergone so much... He was unique! I cannot believe it... Sweety, why - why have you left us so early?

My Daggi, lovely called "Knödl" ... he spent the first 4 years of his short live with me. After my separation I was constrained to search a new home for him - till then the most difficult decision I ever had to make in my life! But Daggi seemed to understand me and so it came that HE was the one who was searching it!

You've to know, this quadruped was like a barometer. People, who - well, who had no good character - for that ones he moved away and he never wanted to be touched. Strangers became appraised some time prior he decided to like them and let pet himself. What shell I tell you - his knowledge of human nature was extraordianry!

When Dagobert met his new family the first time...
well, I try to translate my impression of my "Knödl" I had this time: "THESE ONES or nobody!!!"
It fit right away on both sides. I never will forget Steffen's sentence he made when they saw Dagobert the first time:
"A real dog!"
Yes he was! Proudly 80cm tall, 72kg heavy-weight and a nature to fall in love with...

Daggi moved back to his primal homeland to Ute and Steffen, who developed fastly to really good friends, in December 2006 and I cannot say often enough to them:
"Thank you both, thank you so much for giving Dagobert such a amazing home and all your love!!!"

We visited each other multiple times a year, what made the separation of Daggi easier to me.
As well to make sure that he was feeling very well with his new family.
As a constant companion it wasn't possible to think him away anywhere, if at work, at the restaurant,
at the airfield, at the stable, at neighbour's parties... every time he was with them!

Last time I met him about 3 weeks ago.
A short time prior to this meeting the vet said he has water in his lung but again Ute got him healthy very fast.
But then, last Friday I got the bad news: Daggi is very sick, he has laryngeal paralysis!
Now things went quickly... he didn't get enough breath, he went from bad to worse...
and this morning I got the unbelievable and terrible information:

Our beloved Daggi, our "Knödl" had to cross the rainbow bridge!


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- Honey, you've been something very special to me,
you'll have a place in my heart forever! -

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