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* 2009 *

Clubshow Leonberg

Among 36 bitches in junior class:
Very good 1, Junior CAC VDH & Club
Club junior winner 2009

At the world dog show in Bratislava
we met a few of our family members
and had a lot of fun together.

Here with sister Aisha (N. Mocha N'Cream, left)

Two who like each other!
My girls - Inia and Belle Amie

Special show
of 'LG BaWü' Leonberg (May show)

At her 2. show and among 16 bitches:
Junior class
Very good 2, Reserve Junior CAC VDH & Club

Terrific Christmas present:
Belle Amie's x-ray results have been received!
HD A1, ED 0/0

News from Belle Amie's brother Viljo,
HD-result and pictures online

New pictures of Belle Amie in her gallery

Pictures of Belle Amie's siblings
Aisha (N. Mocha N'Cream)
and 'Rodi ' (N. Hot N'Cream) online

16. & 18.10.2009
With the results 'VG 1' and 'VG 3' Belle Amie finished
her time in junior class very successful.
See more here -> Belle Amie's shows!

VDH confirmed - Belle Amie is
'German Junior Champion (VDH)'

German Leonberger Club confirmed:
Belle Amie recieves the title
'German Junior Champion (Club)'

More impressions from Leonberg -> here

Best success at the German clubshow in Leonberg:
Belle Amie made 'VG 1', got junior CAC VDH/Club
and became Club Junior Winner 2009
among 40 females in junior class.

With this result Belle Amie complies with the requirements
for getting the titles 'German Junior Champion VDH'
and 'German Junior Champion Club'

Belle Amie successful in Leipzig:
Among 7 females per day she got VG 1 and VG 2
incl. correspondent reversions

Special show in Neunkirchen:
Among 8 females Belle Amie made 'VG 2' in junior class
and got the reserve CAC

IRA Ludwigshafen:
Belle Amie among 9 females 'VG 3'
in junior class

FCI & DCLH confirm our kennel name
'vom Dreimädlhaus'

At the special show of LG-Bayern in Mühldorf
my sweety made a 'VG 3'

Club show Switzerland in Uster, next to Zürich:
Among 22 females Belle Amie accomplished an
'Excellent 3'

Belle Amie at the SRA in Hünxe - among 22 females
she got a 'VG 3'

Congratulations - Belle Amie
becomes 1 year old today!

CACIB St. Gallen (CH).
My youngstar was judged with an
'EXC 1' in Switherland, got a CAC and the title
'junior winner St. Gallen 2009'

Belle Amie at CACIB Saarbrücken.
'VG 1' among 8 females in junior class.
Our 1. CAC and her title Saarland-junior winner 2009
we are taking home proudly.

Congratulations Inia!
My sweet old girl becomes 8 years old today!

Special show of LG Baden Württemberg.
Belle Amie among 16 females 'VG 2'
in junior class.
She got reserve CAC VDH/Club

CACIB Offenburg - as the youngest of 11 females
and at her first show
Belle Amie made 'VG 3' - I am so proud of
my little princess


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