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* 2010 *

Our new family member
with an age of 12 weeks

Anouk -la belle amie- vom Dreimädlhaus

Our "A-litter" is born!
* September 28th, 2010

Belle Amie went for "holiday in love"...
and it was impulsively!!!

Picture from July 30th, 2010

Switzerland clubshow in Uster, June 06th 2010

Belle Amie among 27 females.
First time entered in open class.
- Excellent 3 -

Picture taken by Annette Kühne - Thank you so much!

Special show Leonberg
May 1st, 2010
Belle Amie within the intermediate class
Excellent 1, CAC VDH & Club - 4th time in series

Picture taken by Rita Mayensohn - Thanks a lot!

My princess

Belle Amie at
April 26th, 2009 (11 month)   and   April 28th, 2010 (23 month)

* Bigger few - click HERE *

Anouk -la belle amie- vom Dreimädlhaus
is introducing herself!

Today we got a terrific first Christmas present
from 'Bern' (Switzerland):
Anouk and Arnoud are both free of Polyneuropathie
(LPN1: N/N)
Big, big elation at Dreimädlhaus!!!

Pictures of farewell online

Our babies have moved.
...have a look for more at our 'breeding' site!

New link to Albért's website in Finland,
at kennel 'Karhuahon'

It's snowing
in the 9th week of life of our babies

Finally... a view into the 8th week of life
of Belle Amie's babies

New movies and pictures of our A-litter online

It becomes more and more lively at Dreimädlhaus and
at the 6th week of life of our puppies

Belle Amie's babies thrive and prosper magnificent
and start into the 5th week of life

A view into the 4th week of life
of our 'finish Frenchs'

3rd week of life online

New pictures and movies of our 'A-litter'
at our breeding site

First pictures of Belle Amie's babies

Belle Amie gave us 11 wonderful puppies
(7 males and 4 bitches)!
The proud mum and her babies are feeling well.

For our dear puppy buyers
and of course all friends of Dreimädlhaus-Leonberger...
Finally a location plan is online!

The gene institut of Bern sent us fantastic news today:
Belle Amie is clear of LPN1 (N/N)!!!

...and right now we received the next great news:
Mother 'Nami', dad 'Jalo'
and brothers 'Rodi' and 'Viljo' are N/N as well!

That means:
Our 'Namupalan Cream-litter' is totaly clear of LPN1!!!
I'm sooo happy!!!

A permanent up and down...
Today an "up" - a really wonderful "up"!
WE are pregnant... look here for more!

Teariness at Dreimädlhaus

Belle Amie went for "holiday in love"
Look here for more...

Belle Amie at "Loch Ness" :-)
New pictures here

New family member at my parents' home...

Belle Amie as one of the youngest females
with an age of just 24 month,
first time entered the open class at the Switzerland clubshow
- among 27 females who were taking part:
Excellent 3rd place

I think that is fantastic!!!

Many congratulations to your
. birthday,
dear siblings of our 'Namupalan-Cream-litter'.

My little princess becomes 2 years old today.
"Baby, I love you sooo much!"

07. & 08.05.2010
Belle Amie finished her time in intermediate class
with excellent results (EXC 2 & EXC 1) in Dortmund.
...have a look for more at Belle Amie's shows

Inia, my old lady, becomes 9 years old today
and is still in the best of health.
Happy birthday sweety!

Great success in Leonberg!
Belle Amie achieves 'Excellent 1', CAC VDH & Club again!
...find more at Belle Amie's shows

Belle Amie's sister Humla
sent pictures from Sweden

Finally pictures of Belle Amie's parents,
Nami and Jalo, online

Summer desire at Dreimädlhaus

Belle Amie passed her first breeding test
with dreamful 105,5 points
- note: Excellent -
and without any requirements.

My little 'bumble-bee' did a great job again
and accomplished all her tasks in a very confident way.

From 3 intermediate classes till now and this time
among 7 pretty bitches, Belle Amie wins
her class third time in series.
So she was recieving Excellent 1, CAC VDH & Club
and Reserve CACIB!

I am so much proud of my little princess!
For more information please have a look at Belle Amie's shows.

Photosession in Finland:
Brothers Viljo and Rodi send actual pictures

Unfortunately we had problems with our guestbook
provider yesterday so we had to look for a new one...
All the entries from the past are deleted.
Please be so kind and help us to animate our new guestbook.
Thank you!

Among 10 bitches Belle Amie received
an Excellent 1 within the intermediate class again
and got CAC VDH/Club at the special show in Biebesheim

03.02. & 27.01.2010
Very good news from Hungary and Finland:
Belle Amie's siblings Aisha and Rodi
are free of HD/ED.
Big congratulations and hugs to Adrienn and Nanna!

IRA Nürnberg - Belle Amie was starting
in the intermediate class first time
and got EXC 1, CAC VDH/Club and CACIB.
She became 'most pretty female' with an age of only 20 month.



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