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* 2011 *

The love of my life,
Inia v. St. Wendelin
crossed the rainbow bridge!

May 06th, 2001 - October 15th, 2011

When the light goes out, mourning begins.
Once mourning has been overcome,
remembering the light is what stays.

Goodby my love,
you'll ever own a special place in my heart.
The whole you leave is soo deep!!!

Aurélie (Mila) has visited her mom!
More pictures out of this wonderful afternoon
will follow soon...

Abbaye -la belle amie- v. Dreimädlhaus

National show Saarbruecken, June 13th, 2011
'Very promising 2'
within the youngth class

The beauties of Saarbruecken!

Belle Amie (Namupalan Cacao N''Cream, l.) 'Best female'
Andy (Iwan v. d. Boxmühle, r.) 'Best male'

My sweetheart, my Inia, crossed the rainbow bridge today.
Baby, I miss you so much!

Belle Amie's A-babies or 'The Finish Frenchs'
become year old today!

Happy Birthday and a long, healthy and
happy life to you my sweeties!!!

Been youngest female withing the champion class
and among 7 beauties, my Belle Amie achieved
an 'Excellent 3' at the Belgium clubshow in Deinze!

Finally the official form arrived:
Belle Amie is German Champion VDH as well now!
I'm soo proud of my 'little' princess

Again wonderful news:
Aurélie (Mila) is free of LPN1 (N/N)
Congratulations dear Monika!

The first confirmation arrived!
Belle Amie received the official title
German Champion (Club)

12. & 13.06.2011
Saarbruecken 2011 - what a weekend:

At the first show after her puppy break my beautiful Belle Amie
achieved an 'Excellent 1', received CAC and CACIB
and became Saarland Winner 2011 at the international show.

With this result Belle Amie complies with the requirements
to receive the titles 'German Champion VDH'
and 'German Champion Club'

As well at the national show on Monday, June 13th
Belle Amie was successful and achieved an
'Excellent 1' within the open class,
got the CAC and became 'best female'!

Her beautiful daughter, Abbaye -la belle amie- v. Dreimaedlhaus,
achieved a 'very promising 2' (vv2)
within the youngth class at the same day.
Big congratulations dear Abbaye, Petra and Patrick!
(Pictures will follow)

Alina and Amory v. Dreimaedlhaus successful
at the special show in Switzerland - very promising 1 and 2!
My sincere congratulations to
Gisela & Dieter, Katrin & Robert!
Pictures will follow soon...

Inia wins the veterans class at the special show
in Muehldorf a. Inn and becomes veterans winner!

The next "cockchafer" is celebrating birthday..
My wonderful Belle Amie becomes 3 years old today!
Finally actual pictures here!

New pictures of Alina and Amory online.
Many thanks for sharing to Switzerland!

We're celebrating birthday!
Our Inia v. St. Wendelin becomes 10 years old
and is as fit as a fiddle!
Thanks a lot, dear Rita, for giving me this sweet 'cuddle baby' :-)

France was sending great news as well:
Andor ist free of LPN1 (N/N)!
We are really happy Nadine and Alain!

Again wonderful news from the gene institute in Bern (CH):
Our Abbaye is free of LPN1 (N/N) as well.
Congratulations to Petra and Patrick,
we're celebrating with you! :-)

Pictures of Aubin online

My "German hope" ist free of LPN1!
Belle Amie's soo handsome son Akon
(Aristide -le bel ami-) is N/N as well.
I'm soo happy for you, Ute & Steffen!!! :-)

Great news from Finland:
Albért is LPN1 N/N (clear)!
We are so much happy for you, Jonna!!!

Owing to circumstances we are searching new homes
for two of our so much handsome 'A-litter-puppy males'
18 weeks old right now,
where they will find a family life and lots of love.

Interested people are welcome to contact us.
The males will be handed out only in seperate homes.

...more information about our A-litter here

Some more pictures of our babies at their new homes:
Albert in Finland, Amory in Switzerland,
Adam in Italy and Aristide (Akon) in Germany

First pictures of Alina -la belle amie- vom Dreimädlhaus
at her new home online


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